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*We are a full time, insured, stay-at-home pet tender located in Ivins Ut. 


*To reduce stress on your dog and to determine if your dog will be at home with us, your dog should have a first visit evaluation/ introduction meeting before tending starts.


*All pets are required to be up to date on immunizations.


*Please provide information on if  your dog or cat is spayed or neutered.


*To save time have the dog or cat information form filled out along with the Verternarial Form and the Boarding Contract (or petsitting/ daycare contract) with all other important information about your pet so that we can give the best care possible.


*Please provide your dog or cats food in a zip log bag or other container with your dog or cats name listed clearly. - This helps keep your pet healthy, changing your pets’ diet suddenly can cause tummy problems, and can result in your pet spending a few miserable days with digestive issues. If we need to run to the pet store to get the right food, a charge will be added for food and travel.


*Unless specified otherwise, i.e. due to pets age, health or weather. Lanora, co-owner of Red Mountain Pet Tender, usually takes the dogs on a walk each day. If you have a 6' leash you may bring it with you, otherwise we have extra just in case. 


*To get started contact us at 435-313-8075  or


*We also offer doggie baths during boarding

$10 - Basic doggy bath

$20 Doggy bath including additional grooming for knotted hair.


Red Mountain Pet Tender is a specialty tending service for small to medium dogs and cats, providing pet parents an alternative to commercial boarding facilities or kennels. Instead we offer a private home where dogs and cats are welcome and loved, watched over and cared for, just as if they were staying with their own families.

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