Shake Shake Shake!

    We love our pets, and our pets love the DIRT!

    YES and if that dirt is mud, ohh the joy. The  smellier  the better it sometimes seems. And they also love....

    YOU! Yes they love you. and after they have run around in the dirt and had a grand 'ol time coating themselves in the elements they want to love you. Get all the hugs and kisses and pets and cuddles they can. 

    What does that mean? Time for a bath. And if you happen to decide you will give the bath, LOOK out, you might just become part of the bath with your sweet doggie. Drenched and wet. 

    Yes it all starts out fine. Get the water just right, soak them up and lather them down... scrub scrub then... oh NO they start to shake and now their whole body is in on it to and the water that WAS on them is now on YOU and the rest of the room. 

    So... What if I told you, there is a little trick to halt this disaster? 

    No more shake shake shake? and the water will stay where it should? Bath complete? and clean doggie? 


    Just a simple grooming trick :-) Next time your dogs in the bath or getting a bath, and he starts to wiggle his head, you know the signs, he is going to  start to shake, just take a hold of one ear. Not hard not hurtful, just hold it. And keep washing. 

    He will not be able to finish the shake. VOLA. Bath time will never be the same!

    so what has your experiences been with bathing your dog? I would love to hear them! Just post them below.




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