• Pet Love

  • A Dogs Immunizations

    A Dogs Immunizations, one of the best things to do for your dog or cat. But do you know just what immunizations you should give?

  • A Cats Immunizations

    Immunizations for Cats, what should your pet be up to date on and what immunizaitons are not so needed. 

  • Shake Shake Shake!

    We love our pets, and our pets love the DIRT! YES and if that dirt is mud, ohh the joy. The smellier the better it sometimes seems. And they also love.... YOU! Yes they love you. and after they have run around in the dirt and had a grand 'ol time coating themselves in the elements they want to love you. Get all the hugs and kisses and pets and cuddles they can. What does that mean? Time for a bath. And if you happen to decide you will give the bath, LOOK out, you might just become part of the…