We are a mother/daughter team who love animals. We started Red Mountain Pet Tender to bring the love we have for all animals and our expertise in caring and taking care of pets to a new level. As the mother of the team, I grew up on a mini farm where I learned to raise rabbits, sheep, chickens, horses, cats and dogs. As an animal lover, I always had my dog walking by my side, keeping me safe, sharing my joys and sorrows, and serving as my companion through many a childhood adventure.

Animals are a part of my life, and a part of my daughters life. We opened up Red Mountain Pet Tender to provide a unique niche in home tending for small breed dogs, cats and other small animals. We believe that small pets need a more low key area where they can play or cuddle, or just have a space to themself. Therefore, we have the perfect get-away for them while their humans are away. We provide a home away from home; a place where they are free to roam around the house, snuggle and play. Where all couches and beds are open for sleeping, and where kennels are normally open but can be used for separation if needed or to sleep in if wanted and a great space for feeding time, or for a safe "me" place.  We also have a fully fenced yard, in an out of the way, safe and secure area. This space, away from the street, gives our home the perfect place for your pet to enjoy the freedom of movement while you are away.

Our cat rooms are the perfect area for feline friends to stay. An area tailored just for them with places to stretch out and relax, with plenty of climbing, scratching and sitting posts ready for to enjoy. A place separated from the dogs, and safe inside, as cats tend to wander beyond fence boundaries. However, with so much to do within their room, and the full area to explore, they will soon be feeling like the royalty they are. Served with play and cuddle time and of course lots of love. 

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